Severe hearing loss linked to dementia

New research has revealed that those who suffer from severe hearing loss that prevents them from easily communicating with others may be five times more likely to develop dementia in later years, according to

The study assessed 639 men and women over the course of almost 20 years. None of the participants had signs of cognitive impairment at the start of the period, but some did have hearing problems and they appeared to have a higher risk for neurodegenerative disease.


Severe hearing loss linked to dementia Frank Lin speculates that this link may be caused by the additional stress that those with hearing loss may suffer as they try to stay connected to the world. This suggests that those who want to lead a healthy retirement living may want to invest in a hearing aid.

If the problem can't be fixed with assistive devices, one may also want to consider hiring skilled nursing care to help with daily tasks.

Experts expect that, due to the increased use of MP3 players and earphones, many Americans will start to experience problems with their hearing at a younger age. As of 2008, 36 million people across the country had some form of hearing loss, according to Medical News Today.

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