Sleeping less than six hours linked to colon cancer

A new study published in medical journal Cancer has found that those who get less than six hours of sleep every night may be 50 percent more likely to get colon cancer later in life. This is in addition to other health conditions that have already been linked to a lack of shuteye, including diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

The study's principal investigator Dr. Li Li said that this was the first study to actually discover the relationship between short amounts of sleep and colon cancer.

"Effective intervention to increase duration of sleep and improve quality of sleep could be an under-appreciated avenue for prevention of colorectal cancer," he added.

This could be a particular concern for caregivers across the country, as Dr.

Sleeping less than six hours linked to colon cancer Clay Jackson recently told The Memphis Daily News that individuals who are providing homecare to an Alzheimer's patient are much more likely to suffer from a lack of sleep.

He added that Alzheimer's care can take a toll in other ways, as 40 percent of caregivers are prone to high blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as an increased risk diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and obesity.

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