When a couple needs different levels of care

No one ages the same and as one enters their golden years, this problem may become even more pertinent. Much of this is because seniors will require different levels of care, so while one individual may be fine at an independent living facility, a spouse will require a nursing home.

This is exactly what happened to one couple from Cambridge, Massachusetts, according to The New York Times.

When a couple needs different levels of care A professor moved into an assisted living facility with his wife, but over time she started needing extra care because of her dementia. She moved to another home and he stayed behind.

The 87-year-old professor is now living alone for the first time in 55 years, but he is coping by visiting his wife for lunch, walks and conversations.

While home care may be a temporary solution to the problem of different requirements, the news source suggests that round-the-clock nurses may start to become more expensive than a facility.

Emily Saltz, an industry expert, states that continuing care communities can offer the best way for older adults to age together. This kind of facility offers independent living options for those in good health, but can also take care of seniors with chronic health conditions.

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