Seniors should be extra careful during winter

This winter has been particularly difficult for many in colder areas, especially because of excessive snowfall, and families should be sure that seniors have everything they need in order to live comfortably during the season. suggests that caregivers take the time to shovel out paths and driveways for older adults, especially because ice can cause falls - the leading cause of death in Americans over age 65.

Additionally, make sure that homes are warm - at least 68 degrees - and that there are activities for everyone to do.

Seniors should be extra careful during winter Seniors may enjoy cards, movies, board games and books.

Families should also keep track of an older adult's medications, which may be the last thing on one's mind during a blizzard. The same goes for water, which is vital considering seniors become dehydrated much faster than younger adults.

If a senior is living independently, but the winter is proving to be too much to handle, there is also the option of staying at an assisted living facility for a respite stay, according to

Retirement homes can be endless sources of social entertainment when there's nothing to do outdoors and these programs may also offer caregivers some relief from the responsibilities of home care.

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