Couple renews vows for 70th wedding anniversary

When John and Louise Rienzo first married on January 25, 1941, an obscure comedian named Jackie Gleason emceed the event - this was well before the celebrity's well-known role in The HoneyMooners, according to The New York Daily News.

Now 93 and 94, respectively, the Rienzos recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary at Bristal Assisted Living Community in North Woodmere, New York.

Couple renews vows for 70th wedding anniversary They have two children, four grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

They grew up together in the same New York neighborhood in Brookyln and John explained that, initially, Louise wasn't impressed by him. Sometimes, he would walk by her pushing his baby brother in a stroller in an effort to get her attention.

Finally, after a walk through Highland Park and a gift of Paris perfume, he changed her mind.

"After a while, she decided I was charming, I was a nice boy and I didn't try to be fresh with her," John told the news source.

The Rienzos aren't the only seniors who are enjoying a wedding ceremony during their retirement living. Ninety-two-year-old Floyd Cheff recently married childhood friend Cecelia Halseth, 91, in Montana, according to the Independent Record.

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