Knowing when to ask a senior to hand over their keys

Many seniors want to remain active drivers well into their retirement living, but there may come a time when it's best for them to hand over the keys and start trying to find alternative ways of getting around. If an older adult starts having vision or cognitive problems, this can result in extremely dangerous driving situations.

The subject should first be broached carefully and respectfully by adult children, according to

Knowing when to ask a senior to hand over their keys A visit to the doctor may also be beneficial, as they could have their hearing and eyesight checked and the doctor may even recommend that they stop driving as well.

Finding different transportation options can often be helpful. If an elderly parent lives in an independent living facility, there are often buses and shuttles that can take them to a variety of destinations.

Some families may choose to compromise instead. Setting limits can be an effective way to allow parents to drive when it's safe - such as in the daytime and on low-traffic roads.

"Most often, giving up the keys is usually not the answer," Jake Nelson, director of traffic safety for the AAA, told USA Today. "It's most often regulating when and where to drive. Most people can drive safely through the end of their lives."

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