Caregivers should have conversation with parents before emergency

Many families wait until there's a sudden emergency to discuss their concerns for an elderly parent's health. This strategy can leave households unprepared for a senior's needs and make the burden all the greater.

The News-Press suggests that the best time to talk to parents about their requirements during retirement living is before anything happens.

Caregivers should have conversation with parents before emergency This can help the family be ready when an older adult does need home care.

Specifically, discuss financial and legal issues that may arise later. This will ensure that a parent's desires for inheritance are already addressed. Likewise, talk about senior living options to see if an older adult has saved enough money for a retirement community and would prefer to live there.

The best way to make sure that a senior is properly cared for is to stay in touch. This way, caregiverswill be able to tell when older adults may require home services.

If one is visiting the home of an older adult, be sure to check for signs of neglect - unopened letters, an overgrown lawn or a refrigerator with spoiled food can all be indicative that a parent needs extra care.

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