103-year-old enjoys living in Boston assisted living facility

Margaret Lewis was born in Nova Scotia on a large farm during a time where the region still didn't have any cars. Even though she turned 103 years old last month, she is still full of vitality and enjoying her time at Boston assisted living facility Compass On The Bay, according to The Dorchester Reporter.

While she spends much of her time resting, she still has praise for the staff of the retirement community, telling the news provider that they are very good to the residents.

She has been living with the same roommate for the past two years, 80-year-old Natalie Tyrell.

"I call her my little doll," Tyrrell told the news source.

103-year-old enjoys living in Boston assisted living facility "I love her very much. She's like family to me."

Compass on the Bay has a total of 38 beds and is located in Dorchester, right across from a beach that many residents flock to during the warmer weather. It was previously called The BayView Assisted Living until a $3 million renovation in June 2010.

Residents have comfortable apartments and can enjoy a beautiful sight of Dorchester Bay from a front porch. There are also community rooms where there are plenty of hosted activities.

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