Edgewood Manor to employ new technology for residents

Many different senior living facilities have started to adopt technology that allows them to care for seniors and one of the most recent places to do this is Edgewood Manor, a community in Port Clinton, Ohio.

This retirement home has begun 2011 by installing AccuNurse Voice technology, which allows caregivers to automatically update resident details and health information by talking into a headset.

This marks a significant improvement in the handwritten format that was previously used.

Edgewood Manor to employ new technology for residents It also allows for different nurses to immediately receive the most current medical records.

"The increase in communication and knowledge right in our care team's ears will allow us to provide better care and better assistance to our residents... there's no need to physically track down paperwork or spend time in interviews to know exactly what kind and how much assistance a resident may need," director of nursing Kaye Lipstraw said in a statement.

Edgewood Manor Nursing Home is a 99-bed facility with sections dedicated to skilled nursing and intermediate care. Half of the residents have a form of dementia, while others participate in the rehabilitation program, which means that, after recovery, they return home.

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