4.4 million Americans may need senior living options in the future

The American Health Care Association (AHCA) and the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) recently released a projection that has found that approximately millions of Americans will need long term care in the coming years.

The two organizations decided to release the results of the estimate a week before President Obama's State of the Union address because they suggest that out of the 50 million Americans watching, 4.4 million of those viewers will need long-term care.

"It is critical that the funding sources, quality programs and workforce initiatives currently in place continue as these Americans age," Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson said in a statement.

The AHCA and NCAL have launched a series highlighting the importance of senior living residences and other long term care options.

4.4 million Americans may need senior living options in the future Some of the subjects covered are the long term care workforce, assisted living, reimbursement, as well as post-acute care.

Each informational segment will be broadcast across different social media outlets, so that the public can engage in the discussion as well.

The State of Long Term and Post-Acute Care started on January 18 and will run until January 25. Anyone can participate in the informational series through Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

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