Some parents may have last-minute anxiety about a move

Many seniors experience different emotions about moving to a retirement home and, at the last second, some can feel anxious about leaving their old residence.

"That sort of hesitation is very common," psychologist Scott Bea told The New York Times. "It represents what psychologists refer to as the ‘approach-avoidance conflict.’ As human beings approach a situation that generates anxiety, the anxiety increases the closer they get to the actual event."

Caregivers can sometimes be at a loss when it comes to dealing with this last-minute reluctance, but Bea recommends that they help make the transition smoother by moving some of a senior's possessions in their own home.

Be conscious of an item's sentimental value as well.

Some parents may have last-minute anxiety about a move Even if it doesn't seem important, there may be memories and history attached to it. That's why consulting with a parent before throwing anything away can be beneficial.

However, if seniors are having difficulty giving away anything, then caregivers may have to take a more commanding role. Gently, but firmly, sort possessions and throw away anything that appears dangerous or unnecessary, a separate article in the New York Times reports.

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