Support programs are important for caregivers

Caregivers often feel overwhelmed and isolated by their responsibilities, which means that it's important to seek out services that can help them cope. In Sequim, Washington, the Powerful Tools for Caregivers program provides those who are watching after a senior with the support that they need, according to The Sequim Gazette.

"You are giving care to someone that you love and as a person becomes more incapacitated because of their illness the more the caregiver becomes controlling because they have lost control of their life," Carolyn Lindley, a volunteer at a caregiver support program, told the news provider.

Support programs are important for caregivers "[Caregivers] have love for the person but then they begin to resent them and then they feel guilty."

The Powerful Tools program is a six-week course that helps participants reach out to other family members, reduce their stress levels and make decisions - which could help those who are thinking about moving a senior to an assisted living facility.

Caregivers providing home care should remember that they have a support network of siblings, cousins and other relatives. The National Family Caregivers Association emphasizes the fact that caregiving should never be a one-person job.

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