Staying healthy during caregiving

When families are caring for an older adult, the responsibility isn't always evenly divided. While one may get caught up in their caregiving duties, it's also imperative that they stay aware of their own health, according to

Stress during this period can strain or exacerbate symptoms of chronic diseases. The news source states that, even while one is caring for a loved one, it's important to have a back-up crew - people who will care for the caregiver.

Health is another issue that can often fall by the wayside when caregivers become overwhelmed by their responsibilities.

Staying healthy during caregiving However, one should be sure to pay as much attention to their own body as they do to a loved one's.

While the time may never seem right to move an older adult to an assisted living facility, if one's own health is suffering from caregiving it may be time to consider it.

The Huffington Post suggests that a short-term respite stay can provide a helpful way of deciding whether or not a senior and his or her family would be happier with the decision to relocate.

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