Are you adding years to your life or adding life to your years?

Health is no longer defined as only the physical experience of not having any pain or illnesses; rather, good health means experiencing wellness throughout the mind, body and spirit. The body is well when exuding abundant energy and feeling strong. A healthy mind is one that experiences calm and peace, is constructive, sustains healthy relationships and remains motivated to seek purpose. An enlightened spirit is open, content, trusting, feels grateful,positive, and has faith and trust in the higher purpose.

At some point in our lives each of us begins to slowly turn an invisible corner; it is often subtle and so gradual. We look in the mirror and something about us looks different, we move up another size in our clothes, we climb a flight of stairs and feel winded or we wake up with bags under our eyes because we start wearing our emotions. We might just shrug this off as normal age related changes, but if we could actually see inside our body, we would realize that our lifestyle and thoughts are affecting virtually all of our systems. According to Carolee Bateson-Koch the primary sources of prolonged trauma and irritation to the body are habits, lifestyle and beliefs.

Most of us are unaware that are thoughts, choices and lifestyle can affect our genes. Our genes can become passive or active depending on the lifestyle choices we make. Your genotype is your genetic makeup and your phenotype is how you choose to express it. Therefore, eating, exercising, sleep quality, conflicts, love including self-love, attitude, gratitude and all of our thoughts can affect the way our genes are expressed and ultimately guides our body towards health or disease. Your phenotype can change throughout your life according to environmental changes, aging but most importantly to the choices you are making.

We get sick because we are not listening to the subtle messages our bodies are trying to tell us, we intuitively know but choose not to listen because we might have to make changes to our current situations and that produces fear. So we end up getting sick and it pushes us closer to where we need to go on our journey.

Here is an excerpt from my book, Feed your Body Feed your Soul;

Your human body has a natural inclination towards health along with an innate wisdom to perpetually strive for balance. When our body is in balance we are in harmony with nature. We are emotionally receptive and open,mentally focused with clarity, physically energetic and full of life; we are open and can stand in the truth that lies within us. When in a state of balance we lose our cravings for sweets, salty foods and junk food, and desire only foods that will keep us feeling in balance. But when in a state of imbalance, we are agitated, stressed and reactive, and this is when disease can occur. Ara Wiseman

Balance with diet is unique for each person, unfortunately; approximately 90% of what is sold in our supermarkets is unhealthy refined carbohydrates,processed food, sugar coated and full of preservatives. The increase of processed sugars has occurred quickly in the last half of the twentieth century, and our bodies' biochemistry hasn't adapted well. Not to mention that most people have a limited awareness of the value of vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, seeds and grains, and limited knowledge on how to prepare them. Part of foods vitality comes from being mindful about preparation procedures that preserve and concentrate nutrients.

In theory, the foods we choose should provide us with optimal nutrients, and help the body by using minimal energy and keeping our internal organs clean. Unfortunately, theory and reality often conflict. The reality is that the food we choose is commonly devoid of nutrients necessary for a well functioning body and mind. Another way to describe it is affluent malnutrition, this is our modern diet: too rich in calories and too depleted of the essential nutrients. If our food is without nutritional value, our body will continue to crave nutrients and convinces the mind that it remains hungry. So, you keep eating until adequate nutrients are consumed. And you overeat. The price is obesity.

A common misconception is that energy or vitality means stimulation, but stimulation is not vitality, rather its a false source of energy that goes up or down depending on what we eat or don't eat. Real energy is always there for us to tap into, unless of course, we abuse our bodies and use it up. Health or energy is not obtained by what we add but what we get rid of. We need a diet full of super nutritious organic foods such as; vegetables, fruits, whole grains; oats, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, brown rice and wild rice, squashes, yams, potatoes, raw nuts & seeds, purified filtered water and lots of greens. Aimed at stabilizing blood sugar and boosting the immune system to help fight off diseases, rebuild tissue, detoxify and to nourish us to sustain life and keep us excited about life!

We need to nourish ourselves on every level, when we are nourished we know who we are. We have the freedom to act in ways that honors our truest self, rather than reacting to storms that blow our way.