Aspirin may help treat prostate cancer

A new study has concluded that men who take aspirin or other similar blood thinners after receiving treatment for prostrate cancer may not only reduce their risk of having complications from the disease, but may even stop the spread of the cancer to other organs, according to

Researchers found that only four percent of patients who regularly took aspirin died from a recurrence of the condition, compared to 10 percent of those who didn't take blood thinning medication.

"We found that prostate cancer mortality was significantly lower if you were on one of these medications," radiation oncologist Kevin Choe said, according to the news source.

Aspirin may help treat prostate cancer "When we looked further at which of these medications was most important for this reduction, we found that it was aspirin that seemed to have the biggest benefit."

While it is unclear why aspirin may have this effect, researchers concluded that those looking to engage in healthy retirement living may want to consider daily doses of the drug.

The American Cancer Society states that there were 192,280 new cases of prostate cancer in 2009 and 27,360 deaths from the disease among men.

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