Signs of neglect may mean a parent needs extra care

While it's not an easy decision to make, adult children have a responsibility to keep an eye out for signs that an elderly parent may require additional assistance. Most of these indicators can be found right in a parent's own home and won't require any confrontation or intrusion.

Home maintenance can usually fall behind as Mom or Dad gets older, as they usually aren't as physically able to do the tasks at hand or have forgotten to do them.

Signs of neglect may mean a parent needs extra care Either way, this may mean that they could benefit from the services of a retirement community.

Inside the house, one should also keep an eye out of signs of neglect. If a refrigerator appears to be stocked with spoiled foods or nothing at all, it may mean that a parent has started to lose judgment over health issues.

Another sign of neglect is if an older parent is wearing the same clothes over and over again. This could be indicative of deeper problems with hygiene and an adult child may want to consider gently bringing up the idea of skilled nursing care.

While these decisions may sometimes give caregivers some guilt, they should remind themselves that they are doing what's best for a parent's health, according to

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