New fitness regimen debuts at senior center in Pinole, California

More seniors are enjoying an active lifestyle during their retirement living and the Pinole Senior Center has recently unveiled a new outdoor fitness circuit facility specifically designed for older adults, according to The Oakland Tribune.

Both the circuit and equipment are a little different than regular gyms, as the changes may make them easier and safer for seniors looking to exercise.

New fitness regimen debuts at senior center in Pinole, California However, that doesn't mean that silver-haired exercisers won't be able to challenge themselves, either.

"It's designed for seniors, so it's lower impact," recreation director Amy Wooldridge told the news source. "But there are three different levels of intensity."

The center will start with monthly orientation programs that will help older adults get acquainted with the new machines and also emphasize how to use them safely.

There are five light exercise and stretch stations, all of which were funded by a voter-approved bond extension that helped allocate money to local community sites.

Low-impact machines may be ideal for those who are enjoying active living in their golden years. One piece of equipment recommended for gym-goers over the age of 50 is an elliptical machine, which can be set to different degrees of difficulty and doesn't put stress on one's bones, according to The Messenger Post.

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