Healthcare law will carry new implications for seniors

Those who are trying to enjoy as healthy a retirement living as possible may now have an even greater number of resources than before, due to the Obama administration's healthcare reform.

Starting this month, seniors will be able to receive free preventative screenings, vaccinations, annual well exams and will also be able to get a personalized prevention plan from the doctor, according to MSNBC.

Vending machines and chain restaurants will also be required to post the nutritional information concerning all of their food.

Healthcare law will carry new implications for seniors Additionally, many medications will be more affordable and seniors will have an average savings of $700 on their pills.

The downside to these changes is that monthly premiums will rise, especially for individuals making $80,000 a year and couples making $170,000 a year. Their premiums for Medicare Part B could be anywhere from $161.50 to $369.10.

Likewise, Medicare Part D will be affected by income - 1.2 million beneficiaries currently pay for Part D this year and that number will rise to 4.2 million in 2019.

Seniors should also still set aside some additional money for expenses, according to Alan Canton of A.N. Canton Insurance.

"Plain old traditional Medicare has a 20 percent co-insurance as well as hospital and outpatient deducts," he told

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