Signs that a parent may benefit from a retirement home

Now that the holiday season is over, families may be thinking about what they have learned about each other over the past few weeks. Some adult children may have noticed changes in their parents that indicate they may need additional care. If this is the case, it may be time to fully analyze the situation.

Senior living expert Becky Feola recently sat down with ABC 15 to discuss a few simple signs that may reveal how much a senior may require the services of an assisted or independent living facility.

First, one should observe the awareness levels of a parent.

Signs that a parent may benefit from a retirement home If he or she seems to be less focused while driving or notices fewer dangers around them, these may be warning signs of a greater problem. Additionally, if their cognitive abilities or judgment seems to be off, family members should consider talking to them about senior living options.

Sometimes older adults will also socially isolate themselves from family and friends. This can lead to a mental and physical decline. Moving a withdrawn senior to a retirement community may be highly beneficial to their social lives.

The Sun Herald reports that memory loss, a decline in hygiene or memory swings may also indicate that seniors could be better-suited living in a retirement home.

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