Over 8,500 apps can help caregivers

For baby boomers who have made a habit of using mobile devices such as a BlackBerry or iPhone, there are now more than 8,700 apps that can be downloaded and used to supplement caregiving responsibilities, according to The Wall Street Journal.

These apps offer a wide range of functions, from medication management to storing medical records and keeping information organized. These innovative programs are being developed in an effort to make retirement living as safe as possible.

Another app for the iPhone, Personal Caregiver, can track the medication schedules of up to three people and alert the user when it's time for different pills to be taken.

Over 8,500 apps can help caregivers This would likely be helpful in an independent living facility.

Tell My Geo is an app for Android that allows medical professionals to use an older adult's smartphone to access health information - it also acts as a GPS when a caregiver has it downloaded on his or her own phone.

A 2010 eMarketer report speculated that smartphones will soon become massively popular among older adults due to these apps, which can help them lead healthy and active lifestyles.

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