Seniors share their tips to save for retirement

When it comes to planning for retirement living, many baby boomers may feel overwhelmed. However, if one keeps in a mind a few fundamental financial tips, it can be possible to save up an adequate nest egg that guarantees fun, flexibility and comfort during one's golden years.

Retirement center Highlands County is the home of Greg and Kristie Plank, who retired early, according to Highlands Today.

While Kristie was a teacher, Greg was a member of the Navy and then the Navy Navy Reserves, as well as a construction worker.

Seniors share their tips to save for retirement Because of their careers, the couple is able to use funds the IRA, the Navy, Social Security and teacher's pension.

Greg advises others to live simply. He and his wife lived in a modest house and didn't have any credit card debt.

Bill Nichols, 59, told the news source that his wife, Jean, had been an expert at saving money for retirement.

Linda and Bob Bailes only have one credit card that is reserved for emergencies.

A senior living a frugal lifestyle is bound to accumulate enough savings for retirement. U.S. News & World Report recommends that those who have a difficult time hanging onto their spare change should dedicate a new bank account to their money and avoid looking at it until the time comes.

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