Recommended fitness routines for baby boomers and seniors

Exercise is known to be one of the most beneficial routines for a healthy retirement living, yet older adults may not be able to perform the same activities as their younger counterparts. Instead, The Messenger Post states that there are a number of ways for those in their golden years to keep up their fitness without adding too much strain to their muscles.

One solution is found in the elliptical machine, which fitness expert Jamie Gruttadauria recommends for baby boomers because of its low-intensity levels.

Recommended fitness routines for baby boomers and seniors This is an important feature for those who are concerned about joint health while working out. This particular device can also be customized to one's workout requirements, so one doesn't experience overexertion.

Flexibility exercises, such as those performed in yoga, can also be crucial for any boomer and senior living a healthy lifestyle. Gruttadauria told the news source that he would like to see more men doing this routine because it combines flexibility, cardio and strength training.

If one is slowly trying to get used to an exercise routine, suggests starting with walking, a low-impact activity that can get the body acclimated for more intensive workouts, such as running or dancing.

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