Dealing with hearing loss during retirement living

It's a fact that, as a person gets older, their hearing can become affected, especially during retirement living. The Keene Sentinel reports that one out of every six baby boomers suffers from hearing loss, with the condition affecting 10 percent of the American population.

While this may not be much of a problem when one can turn on the TV as loud as possible, in social settings, it can be an issue.

Dealing with hearing loss during retirement living However, there are some strategies that can work to compensate for this disability.

In social settings, the news source recommends moving very close to the speaker. Also, while in restaurants, individuals should sit in a place that allows for maximum hearing ability.

It's also important to not be ashamed of the problem. Many people are happy to accommodate someone with hearing loss, as long as they are made aware of the condition.

The National Institutes of Health estimates that hearing loss affects one-third of Americans aged 65 to 75 and almost half of individuals over 75, according to The Mayo Clinic.

Many experts state that assisted hearing aids can be very helpful for this problem and help seniors stay active during their golden years.

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