Adult day care center in Wisconsin helps seniors stay social

For some seniors, there's a chance that retirement can be isolating. It can be difficult to maintain an active social network, but some adult day care facilities have successfully provided older adults with the resources and friendships they need to enjoy retirement living, according to The Neighborhood Files.

In Madison, Wisconsin, the Madison Adult Day Care center is a reliable place for seniors who are looking to stay socially active.

Adult day care center in Wisconsin helps seniors stay social There are a variety of different programs, such as exercise, music, art and cooking.

Some days, there are also intergenerational activities, as on December 9, when the seniors were visited by the students of the Madison Cooperative Nursing School. This was the seventh year that the children entertained those at the day care center - they sang holiday songs and also offered handheld bells to really ring in the Christmas spirit.

"The kids love it," executive director Lauren DuBeau told the news source. "When they look back and remember it, they say, 'Remember when we made the snowmen with the Grandmas and Grandpas?'"

Some adult day care centers also specialize in Alzheimer's care, which means that they can help overwhelmed caregivers tend to older adults who are suffering from the condition.

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