Assisted living staff shares tips for residents during holidays

While seniors may feel isolated from their families during the holiday season, the staff at The Villas at Gulf Breeze in Florida have shared a few tips with The Gulf Breeze News for those who may be experiencing the Christmas blues.

First, it's important to find company. Those at assisted living facilities should seek their friends in the community or staff that can help celebrate the holiday spirit with them.

Assisted living staff shares tips for residents during holidays Another great way to interact with others is to volunteer - seniors can meet people while helping to make a difference.

To control stress, seniors should also take it down a notch when it comes to purchasing gifts. Try to outline a realistic budget and stick to it. One may also want to consider simply crafting creative gifts that will be memorable or humorous.

Opening up to another person is also key to beating off the depression that can sometimes come with the holidays. There are many who would be willing to lend an ear to seniors who need to voice their feelings.

Many retirement homes also host their own festive events during this time of year, which can make it easy for seniors to find a warm and welcoming group that can help them remember all the joy of the holidays.

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