Selling to the In-Between Generation

Boomers reaching age 65 in 2011 are all the rage today. Actually, they have always been the rage with the news media, since they are the largest age generation we have seen. Now the first of the generation are hitting the magic age of 65, and are getting more than their fair share of news.

Between the Boomer generation and the Elder Generation is the In-Between Generation -- those born between 1937 and 1945 who are now in their 60s and mid-70s. This age group is prime for what you have to offer in retirement housing, if you play it right.

How do you sell to them? Their defining idea is freedom from the responsibilities and obligations of 40 years of work. So, you spell that out for them in specific ways.

You find ways to portray your retirement location as creating more freedom experiences. You find ways to show them how their residency will result in new experiences and learning new things. You show them your facilitys proximity to learning centers, back-to-college experiences and how your retirement housing stresses educational advancement. You foster an environment that stresses travel experiences.

You may form a Retirement Council of residents to help you think through ways to advance the idea of more freedom. You want to show residents and potential ones in this age group to learn how to do in retirement what they could not do during their working lives. In-Betweener represent an excellent growth opportunity for your retirement community.

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