More retirees looking for senior housing on college campuses

Retirement communities are traditionally located on beaches or other leisurely spots, but a growing number of senior housing options are being built on college campuses, according to The New York Times.

Many older adults who are looking to stay physically and socially active are taking advantage of the facilities that these institutions have to offer, as well as the crowd of younger acquaintances.

Not only that, colleges and universities offer retirees a unique place to learn and grow during their golden years.

More retirees looking for senior housing on college campuses One couple moved to The Forest at Duke, located near Duke University, and frequently attend lectures, sporting and cultural events.

"We knew that being around a university would bring a lot to offer in terms of the stimulation, the performing arts and lifelong learning," Murry Perlmutter told the news source. "We're here for life."

There are currently 50 retirement homes on campuses, with another 50 planned for the near future. Many are also available in the form of assisted living and nursing facilities.

Experts also suggest that learning can help keep Alzheimer's and other forms of memory loss at bay, because new skills and knowledge stimulate the mind.

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