Deciding whether to bring an older parent home for the holidays

While many are tempted to pick up an older parent from an assisted living facility and bring him or her home for the holidays, Carol Abaya recently told one reader of the that this may not be a wise idea.

She emphasized the fact that many primary caregivers need to spend time with their other family members and the holidays are a perfect time to do it.

Deciding whether to bring an older parent home for the holidays Not only that, caring for an older parent during the Christmas season may put a serious strain on the occasion.

Parents may also require extensive medical attention that families may not be able to provide and if they are disabled or suffer from dementia, it's possible that they would rather stay put.

"New environments and change often make a person more confused, agitated and panicky," Abaya wrote in the news source.

Instead, families should take note of a senior's health before bringing them back home. If he or she can independently move around and seems mentally healthy, then the venture can be worth it.

Otherwise, there are usually holiday activities that take place at various retirement homes. Loved ones can visit an older adult there without the complications and strain of caretaking.

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