Two college students perform concerts for seniors in Ohio

In Cleveland, Ohio, two college students have a unique living situation - they are resident musicians at Judson Manor, an assisted living facility, according to The Plain Dealer.

Caitlin Lynch, a violinist, and Mary Vanhoozer, a pianist, don't pay for room or board. Instead, the two young women play monthly concerts for the other residents in the building.

So far, the experimental program's success has been surprising to many.

Two college students perform concerts for seniors in Ohio Seniors chat with Lynch and Vanhoozer throughout the day, bring vegetables from their gardens to the students and are becoming fast friends with them.

"They have put joy into our lives," Clara Catliota, 89, told the news provider. "It is the best thing that has happened to us. It is wonderful."

Lynch echoes these sentiments, saying that the residents of the assisted living facility have become like a family to her. Vanhoozer agrees, stating that she even seeks relationship advice from seniors because many have some 40 years of marital wisdom.

Listening to music can combat basic memory loss caused by old age, according to The Franklin Institute. Combining two different sensory experiences, such as listening to a song while smelling flowers, may be especially effective in keeping a mind active.

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