Deciding when it's time for an assisted living facility

As adult children watch their parents age, there may come a time where older adults require additional care that can't be provided by the family. Caregivers can experience high levels of stress and financial difficulties because of their many responsibilities.

The Sun Herald reports that there are some signs that may indicate an older adult should be moved into senior housing or given extra care.

Deciding when it's time for an assisted living facility

"This is an extremely tough time to be in what's been called the sandwich generation - those who are caring for their aging parents while still raising or supporting their own children," industry expert Steve Piazza told the news provider. "Caregivers must balance the best interests of their parents with those of their nuclear family."

If an older adult is showing a decline in hygiene, memory loss, mood swings or signs of isolation, it may be time to consider moving him or her to a different living situation. There are many options available to families.

If a senior isn't ready for an assisted living facility, there are day care programs or skilled nursing care solutions.

Piazza states that there are some services, like respite care, which can allow seniors to check into a housing option for a short period before deciding. 

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