Assisted living facility seeks to revolutionize Alzheimer's care

Staff and residents at Virginia's Morningside Assisted Living Facility have been engaged in a unique memory re-learning program called the Bridge to Rediscovery for the past three years, according to The Daily Press.

Each resident is suffering from Alzheimer's and nine out of 10 require assistance when eating. The staff has organized the initiative to help each member of the facility recall different memories through their senses.

Residents do everything from baking bread to receiving salon treatments while I Love Lucy plays on the television.

Assisted living facility seeks to revolutionize Alzheimer's care The goal is to stimulate memories through a variety of different mediums.

"We also allow them to set and re-set the tables during the day and they can pick up a rag and clean up after a meal if they want to. These are familiar activities for someone who ran a household," marketing director Lisa Chapin told the news provider.

The goal is to keep Alzheimer's patients as engaged in daily life as possible. The Alzheimer's Association recommends that those who are looking to keep their minds active in their golden years should stay social and maintain a healthy diet that is low in fat and cholesterol.

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