Choose an assisted living facility carefully

When it's time for families to look at an assisted living facility, there are many factors to consider before deciding which one is right for a senior. The Chicago Tribune stresses that a beautiful design scheme shouldn't be the only consideration.

Instead, families should first observe the residents and see how active they appear.

Choose an assisted living facility carefully Residents constantly engaged in activities can indicate a busy and involved environment.

Discuss with the residents whether they enjoy their time at the facility or not. It can also be beneficial to ask about transportation options that take seniors to movie theaters, cultural events or shopping centers.

Staying for a meal can be another way to get a glimpse of the operations in the area. Watching the way that the staff and residents interact can provide valuable insight for many families.

Healthcare can be the most important part of a facility. Individuals should be sure to check how a senior's needs are assessed and how emergencies and medical conditions are treated.

Choosing the right senior housing is crucial. The Times Herald recommends that the first step of any planning process should involve deciding whether a senior should live in an independent or assisted living facility.

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