Seniors may prepare for holidays a little differently

The holiday season may still be stressful, but it might benefit older adults to think about their preparations a little differently now that they are in their golden years, according to The Woburn Advocate.

Seniors may want to socialize with only a select group of loved ones for the upcoming holidays, as more company means additional stress.

Also, those who are residents of an assisted living facility may also have trouble getting in touch with distant family members.

Seniors may prepare for holidays a little differently However, the news source suggests that older adults can take advantage of Skype to solve this problem. The video chat program lets seniors see and talk to loved ones all over the world.

Families who are planning on visiting a senior may want to talk to the facility staff to see what kind of holiday activities are being coordinated. Many retirement homes offer celebrations right in the building.

Older adults may also want to bring loved ones to a favorite nature trail or shopping district.

If families choose to host a senior at home, they should make sure that the residence is safe. Rooms should have very little clutter and all the carpets and mats should be secured.

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