Seniors should stay social during golden years

While it can be more difficult for seniors to stay social, particularly if friends have moved or passed away, it may be a key to staying energized and happy. Some older adults, however, may not be able to think of ways to extend their social circle. reports that staying socially engaged can be an antidote to depression and other medical conditions, as well as a way to exercise the mind.

Traveling to a retirement home or independent living facility can open different doors.

Seniors should stay social during golden years These facilities can be great venues for seniors to enjoy themselves and make new friends. The Austin Post-Bulletin also recommends taking advantage of different senior centers.

For religious individuals, church can also be a practical destination for meeting new people and exercising the brain. Learning new skills and playing different, mentally stimulating games can also be effective for making friends and staying sharp.

Playing cards, going to the gym or getting together in knitting groups are some activities that seniors may enjoy doing together.

If seniors are also looking for a little extra pocket change, a part-time job or volunteer position can offer an opportunity for older adults to socialize and keep active.

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