Class helps seniors connect to family through computers

It's no secret that those who aren't familiar with computers often feel left behind by new technology. However, those who are in the prime of their retirement living may want to stay in touch with loved ones through the internet.

Kim Tomaszewski, a retired charter school teacher, has started her new business with this in mind, The Niagara Gazette reports.

Class helps seniors connect to family through computers Called Net Crackers, her company offers older adults the chance to enroll in private lessons or group classes that help them learn how to use a computer, from turning it on to using the video chat program Skype.

She states that the classes have been beneficial to many assisted living facility residents who are looking to feel more connected with distant family members.

"There are so many people who have no family left here [in the Niagara Falls area]," Conde told the news provider. "Their kids who are away are not calling each other (on the phone), they're e-mailing and Facebooking and their grandparents want to do the same thing."

Many grandparents have aspirations to understand social media so that they can look at the most recent pictures of family members and chat with their grandchildren. A recent Pew research has shown that from April 2009 to May 2010, the number of seniors using Facebook grew by 100 percent.

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