More seniors and baby boomers moving to new homes

The 2009 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that approximately 232,000 baby boomers in the Albany, New York, region have moved from their former residences into new and smaller homes.

One such family who recently went through this transition is Iris Bartkowski, 62, and her 83-year-old mother, Rose Fable. The women had been living in their home for 53 years, but they were the last two still occupying the residence and decided to move.

Bartkowski made a plan to move to Florida for the winter, while Fable went to live at the Annie Schaffer Senior Center in Schenectady County.

Moving was one of the hardest parts of the transition, according to Bartkowski.

More seniors and baby boomers moving to new homes The memories in the home made it particularly difficult to leave.

"It's really about sitting down with pen and paper. You need a plan," Volk, a professional organizer, told the news provider. "A lot of people get overwhelmed at the beginning. They don’t know where to start."

The New York Times reports that possessions can often keep older adults trapped in their old homes and seniors may require assistance when moving to an assisted living facility or another residence.

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