Veteran caregivers suffer from twice as much stress

A new survey has found that those who are caring for veterans may suffer twice the amount of stress than the national average for family caregivers. In addition, only a third of the respondents said that they were being helped by aides who provided skilled nursing care.

This particular group of caregivers is also predominantly female, with 96 percent being women.

Veteran caregivers suffer from twice as much stress Seventy percent of these individuals are taking care of a spouse or partner as well, which may make their responsibilities even more difficult.

These intensive duties were found to also impact the time one spends with their family, as well mental well-being in youngsters - the survey found that 57 percent of children or grandchildren suffer from stress as well.

"The family caregivers who serve our country's veterans are making huge sacrifices in terms of their own health, careers and home life," said Reed Tuckson, M.D., United Health Foundation board member

Caretakers can experience health problems due to their responsibilities and experts suggest that they pay attention to their own happiness and health or there could be consequences down the road. reports that many cite prayer as a way to spiritually and mentally renew themselves. Even those who are less religious may benefit from relaxation techniques such as meditation.

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