Canada needs strategies to support those providing elder care

With the baby boomer population in Canada set to double over the next 15 years, some are calling for new strategies to accommodate those who are caring for older relatives, according to The Daily Gleaner.

These caregivers, who are generally adult children or a spouse, are usually very stressed and often provide crucial, day-to-day support that includes bathing, grocery shopping, cooking and transportation.

One study found that 98 percent of 130,000 seniors with complex health conditions were being cared for by someone who was an informal attendant.

While most older persons expressed a desire to age at home, their medical needs can eventually exceed the capacity of their caregiver, the news source reports.

However, loved ones can still provide support to seniors who have been moved to assisted living facilities, with the knowledge that medical professionals are also attending them.

Those who were taking care of a senior with Alzheimer's disease were found to be the most distressed.

Canada needs strategies to support those providing elder care The Shriver Report has found that over half of American female caretakers are suffering from serious emotional or physical stress due to their responsibilities.

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