Fall prevention program helps seniors avoid injuries

Falls can lead to serious injuries for older adults and it may be important for those who are interested in healthy retirement living to learn some of the exercises that can help reduce the risk of an incident.

The Kings Mountain Hospital is hosting one therapy program in North Carolina that is helping seniors strengthen core muscles and improve their balance.

Fall prevention program helps seniors avoid injuries One participant in the sessions is Paul Ratchford, who told The Shelby Star that the exercises help him walk better.

Ratchford has a circulation condition which leaves parts of his legs numb, which puts him at risk for falling. To combat this problem, he attends two 45-minute sessions each week.

"A typical treatment session consists of stretching tight muscles, performing strengthening exercises, and doing balance specific activities," Phyllis Hattaway, a physical therapy assistant, told the news provider.

She added that enough of these routines can help prevent falls by making seniors steadier on their feet.

The environment can also play a factor in an individual's risk for injury and The Times Herald-Record recommends making a residence fall-proof by removing obstacles from the floor and adding grab rails in key places like stairways and bathrooms.

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