Must-Have Selling Skills to Help You Fill Vacancies Faster

If you want to maintain 100% occupancy and ensure you have a pre-qualified wait list to keep your facility full, then you must possess 3 basic sales skills.

You must be able to:

A. Qualify the Business

There are 3 main criteria in qualifying a potential sale whether youre in retail, tourism or retirement communities:

1) What is the seniors financial status? Does this potential resident have the resources to maintain residency with you for an indeterminate length of time?

Use your powers of observation to see how they carry themselves; how are they dressed and accessorized? Get the answers to these questions by having a casualconversation about their lifestyle with them so it doesnt feel like an interrogation.

2) How great is their need for your particular products & services? The senior may tell you that youre the perfect fit for them and they want to move innext month. How is their health? Is there a spouse? However, if they havent taken care of selling their house and relinquishing most of their personalbelongings then they wont be in a hurry to sign up.

3) Does the senior have the ability to buy now? Through your face-to-face meetings, guided tour and casual conversation you will be able to determine whetheror not the potential resident is in a position to give you a deposit. If theyre currently renting an apartment or staying with family then theres a stronglikelihood that they have sorted out their finances as well.

B. Demonstrate Your Abilities

How do you convey to potential residents that youre capable of satisfying all of their wants and needs? How will you show you care about their well-beingand situation? The only way to demonstrate that youre able to meet the seniors needs is to invite them in for a tour of your facility. Host them to lunchor afternoon tea is always a winner as they get to experience the meal service and interaction between your staff and current residents.

C. Close the Deal

Never let a potential resident walk away before Asking For the Sale. Unless someone has just walked in with suitcases and cash in hand, you will need toprompt them for a decision. And the best way to close is to ask how soon they would like to move in. Most people find that easier than asking for money upfront. Its a smoother transition to complete the contract and obtain their deposit. If you sense hesitation on their part then theres an obvious objection lurking.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact me in person via email to [email protected] or telephone me at 604.984.7445 and Ill help fill in the blanks.