Baby boomers expected to favor urban areas in the future

A recent issue of The Washington Monthly featured an article discussing the real estate trends of baby boomers and claims that many older adults are looking to move out of their suburban homes into cities as they transition into retirement living.

There are many reasons for this trend. The news source reports that many baby boomers are now empty-nesters, having finished raising their children, and are now looking to move into smaller, less costly residences that don't require as much maintenance.

Instead, boomers are opting to reside in metropolitan areas that have better access to public transportation, healthcare services and entertainment, especially as their eyesight starts to fade and it becomes harder to drive.

The news source reports that other boomers may be hesitant to move into a city for retirement and will also favor senior housing options such as condominiums or townhouses that foster a sense of community and offer a variety of activities.

USA Today claims that one grassroots movement is also popping up across the country - retirement villages.

Baby boomers expected to favor urban areas in the future These locations feature residences where seniors live together and help their neighbors with day-to-day tasks, but may also have homecare aides and other professionals nearby.

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