Fall prevention class saves senior citizen

When older adults are enjoying their retirement, they rarely ever think of the possibility that they might fall. However, SeniorJournal.com reports that more than one in three senior citizens fall each year, so it may be important to take preventative measures, according to LiHerald.com.

September was National Fall Prevention Month and the Sandel Senior Center in New York offered classes that were meant to prevent these incidents from occurring at the homes where seniors were independently living.

The workshop was attended by over 50 members and also discussed how to get off the floor after a fall.

Fall prevention class saves senior citizen Adult wellness director Bud Cosgrove instructed the class to get down onto mats and practice rising from the floor.

Only a week later, one ninety-year-old member of the class who lives alone fell in her home, and had to put the lessons to use.

"I just kept picturing Bud in my head," she told the news provider. "I did just what he said… turned over, got on my hands and knees, crawled to a chair, and got on my feet! Thank you for that class!"

Experts claim that retirees may want to prepare their homes for fall prevention by installing grab bars in the bathroom and keeping floors clear of clutter.

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