Facebook grows on older users looking to keep in touch

While baby boomers and seniors have been characterized as hesitant or unwilling to use social media, older adults are quickly dispelling these myths as they log onto social media websites in growing numbers, according to Glen Ellyn News.

Facebook is becoming extremely popular with older adults, as AARP research has found that those who are 50 and over are the fastest-growing group on the site.

Jean Jeske, of Glen Ellyn, Illinois, says that it helps her stay connected with loved ones during retirement living.

"I have one son who lives in San Francisco, and I have one son who lives in New York," she told the news provider.

Facebook grows on older users looking to keep in touch "It was a good way to communicate and find out what was going on with them because they were not good e-mail writers and they were not good telephone callers."

Many other boomers appear to be using the technology to keep in touch with children who are otherwise difficult to contact.

Pew research has found that the number of baby boomers who claim to use social media increased by 88 percent from 2009 to 2010, and seniors who are in assisted living facilities or are unable to move can use the platform to keep up-to-date with family.

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