Caregivers shouldn't forget to take care of themselves

Many Americans are caring for parents who may require constant supervision due to chronic conditions, which is a responsibility that can often lead to stress and anxiety. While many choose to work through these burdens, reports that there can be serious health consequences for caregivers in assisted living situations who ignore these symptoms.

Over a third of caregivers feel stressed due to their duties, and there are many emotional and physical signs that can indicate that some serious steps should be taken to alleviate frustration.

One of the biggest problems for caregivers is that they often feel guilty when they should be proud of all that they have done for a loved one.

If individuals are feeling anxious, depressed or lonely, or find themselves snapping at others or are unable to concentrate, they may want to treat these problems.

Caregivers shouldn't forget to take care of themselves The news source recommends that a good night's sleep, a healthy diet and regular exercise can go a long way in reducing levels of stress that may seem out of control.

Reaching out for help can also be effective. There are caregiver support groups that can make individuals feel less alone.

The Shriver Report has estimated that there are 11.2 million Americans are giving billions of hours in unpaid homecare to another adult.

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