Expert discusses the new retirement of baby boomers

Mary Furlough, a professor of entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University, recently sat down with The San Antonio Express-News and discussed the way that the economic downturn has affected boomers and their future.

She claimed that many older adults are doing whatever they can, because they aren't just the sandwich generation, they are the "club sandwich generation." Boomers are often taking care of children and parents, and sometimes even grandchildren.

It also appears that boomers will follow their own career path in the coming years, as Furlough expects there to be a trend in retirement living where adults don't exit the workforce but, instead, become entrepreneurs.

"The word I've been using is recalculating.

Expert discusses the new retirement of baby boomers There's a little story about that: A friend gave me a GPS, and I was driving somewhere, and I missed the turn and the little voice came on and said, recalculating. And I thought, what a perfect word for today's world," she told the news provider. predicts that boomers will choose to work in a home environment and place an emphasis on a virtual career in the future, which offers a more independent living style than a corporate atmosphere.

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