Assisted living facility in North Carolina hosts art class

Once a month for the past few months, a group of seniors living at the Carolina House assisted living facility in Reidsville, North Carolina, has come together to work on different pieces of artwork, according to

The residents, many of whom have Alzheimer's, carefully sculpt pieces of clay into different pieces of pottery and figurines with the instructions of two local artists, Jim and Dottie Talley.

Some of the final pottery pieces the class creates will be glazed after they are completed.

Employees claim that these types of activities are especially encouraged at the facility because they keep the seniors active and engaged.

"Their hands are doing something, and they can see the result.

Assisted living facility in North Carolina hosts art class It's actually something you can see and feel," Wanda Overby, whose mother recently joined the class, told the news provider.

A total of 61 seniors live at the Carolina House, 20 of whom have Alzheimer's disease. claims that certain kinds of art can be vastly helpful to seniors with dementia who are struggling with memory loss or have stopped talking, as well as stroke victims who have lost their sense of their motor control.

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