Panel discusses the issues presented by an aging population

This past Saturday, a panel that included high-profile figures like Tom Brokaw and former Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor convened at Stanford University to discuss the different issues that will become prevalent as the baby boomer generation retires, according to The Stanford Daily.

Brokaw moderated the discussion with topics that ranged from increased life expectancy to economics to education, and the panel concluded that the baby boomer generation will have serious demographic implications for the United States.

"We need to think about this problem as a multigenerational problem," Stanford University president John Hennessy said, according to the news provider.

Panel discusses the issues presented by an aging population "We need to engage young people thinking about it because it's going to be their parents. It's eventually going to be a financial burden on them."

The panel also discussed the problems that would face the country's healthcare system - namely, Alzheimer's disease and obesity. These two conditions will likely have a substantial impact on hospitals and services across the country, which seems to indicate that assisted living facilities will be more crucial than ever.

A survey conducted by Roper/GfK has found that only four percent of Americans correctly identified their risk (81 to 90 percent) for Alzheimer's disease, which shows that many are unprepared for the trouble that the condition may cause them in the future.

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