Conference on aging planned in L.A. in December

With the older population of the United States expected to grow over the next several decades, many baby boomers have been looking for ways to improve their quality of life as they age. With that goal in mind, experts will be attending the 4th annual International Conference on Positive Aging, which is slated to run December 7 through 10 at the Center for Nonprofit Management in Los Angeles, California.

The event, hosted by Fielding Graduate University's Institue for Social Innovation (ISI), is expected to attract a number of well-known celebrities and experts discussing their own experience with staying healthy and active as they age, including famous surfer Kathy Kohner Zuckerman and actress Tippi Hedren.

"This event includes people from diverse disciplines and backgrounds who are all passionate about ensuring older generations thrive in their mature years," director of the ISI Katrina Rogers said in a press release.

Conference on aging planned in L.A. in December "Our aim is to spark significant change in the way we view aging and how we treat people in their second half of life."

The conference may serve as way for older adults and their loved ones to be informed about eldercare. USA Today reports that educating oneself about caregiving options before the need arises will prevent stress later on.

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