Specialty centers provide caregivers, patients with beneficial option

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease can certainly be a difficult task. However, there are now more resources available than ever, and the La Cañada Valley Sun reports that specialized centers at UCLA and USC are aimed specifically at helping both those with the mental illness and those who care for them.

According to the news source, specialty centers like the pair in California off patients examinations and the opportunity to participate in clinical trials.

Specialty centers provide caregivers, patients with beneficial option Along with patient care, they also give those providing elder care the ability to receive caregiver support so they are more educated about the illness and how to best attack the challenges that it presents.

"Research suggests that when the family of someone who is officially diagnosed with Alzheimer's becomes educated about the disease, and they work together with medical professionals on a care plan, it can reduce the patient's difficult behavioral and psychiatric symptoms," senior director of Medical and Scientific Relations at the Alzheimer's Association Maria Carrillo told the news source.

According to the Alzheimer's Association, there are many individuals who are currently 10.9 million individuals providing care to a loved one with the disease.

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