Somers to release movie on healthy aging

Suzanne Somers gained fame for a pair of iconic roles on Three's Company, and later on Step by Step. Although she is well-known for her comedic acting, reports that Somers is releasing a movie later this fall that tackles some of the biggest issues facing older adults.

The film, titled Suzanne Somers' Breakthrough Tour, will address many of the most important topics on aging, including her own battle with breast cancer.

Somers to release movie on healthy aging The 63-year-old actress has enjoyed a career as a women's health advocate in recent years, and has gained a loyal following for her efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle.

"I feel like these conversations have been whispers, when a megaphone is essential and I am grateful to have the opportunity to bring this to a larger audience, where I believe it belongs," Somers told the news source. "I am living proof that it is possible to successfully take charge of your health, live a long and vital life, and die happy."

One recommendation Somers makes is for older adults to maintain their energy. The National Institute on Aging reports that physical activity can reduce the risk of developing health conditions that arise as people age.

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